About us

Flow Sports Technolgy is an Anglo-Hong Kongese company founded by Engineers James Morrison Steward and Levi Liu in 2017.

Headquartered in Liverpool, United Kingdom Flow released its first sports medicine device the Flow PRO in April 2019 after over 18 months of research & development, testing and certification. Relentless in their focus for simple yet beautiful design, ease of use and a high level of quality they have since added over 30 staff with backgrounds in Sports Science, Physiotherapy, Mechanical Engineering, Battery Architecture and Programming.

In January 2020 further engineering improvements were made to the PRO making it one of the best percussion devices in the world, along with a smaller form factor consumer device the Flow MINI. Flow will be adding further products to its line up – helping athletes, sports and medical professionals to reduce the occurrence of injury, promote recovery, and enhance muscle & joint movement.

Former British Army Systems Engineer and Triathlete, founder and CEO James was educated at The Defence School of Communications Information Systems (DSCIS) and served on operations in Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq before leaving the forces in 2009. Following a spell as a Senior Systems Engineer with Thales, he co-founded a specialist yacht and marina software start-up The Waypoint which sold to an investor group in 2015. James is still a keen swimmer, road and cross country cyclist and runner.

Former Bosch Engineer, founder and Director of Engineering Levi was educated at the Jiangxi Agricultural University (JXAU) and majored in Electronic Design. With over 10 years of experience in product development, he holds a number of patents in the innovation of brushless motor design and architecture. Levi enjoys the gym and swims regularly. 

Our Vision

Since its inception in 2017, Flow Sports Technology has been passionately innovating behind the scenes with hardware & software alike, to help athletes work and play harder. Our expertise in wearables, body monitoring, technology-assisted therapy, and material science, has one goal in mind: To give you the edge on the competition.

Our first product which launched early in 2019 is a next-generation percussion therapy device which helps athletes improve their recovery routine to achieve their goals faster.

Why Flow?

Founder James Morrison Steward, a former British Army Systems Engineer & Triathlete spent 18 months of research & development before launching Flow to the market.

One of the few companies in the sports hardware industry that engineer and produce their own internal components such as motors, circuit boards & other key elements.This enables us to go to market with a quality, high end product at really attractive pricing.

Secondly, strict quality control at every stage – i.e. The motors are tested out to 10,000 hours endurance & each device is tested for noise, vibration and performance before being shipped.Continuously innovating our products to extend usage time, decrease noise & improve power.Flow devices are designed to last a long time and are not meant to be replaced often unlike typical consumer goods, and we are proud to operate a no quibble 12 month return period.

Flow have a host of local & global patents, meaning you won’t see any low cost, poor quality fake Flows, as you may with some of the USA OEM brands.