Replacing Flow Heads™

Flow devices comes equipped with two different types of Flow Heads™: Soft heads such as the Super Soft, Soft, Wide & Medium; along with Harder ABS heads such as the Fork, Bullet & Hammer.

While the hard heads should last a long time, care should be taken when removing soft heads. Follow the simple guide below to learn how to remove and replace Flow Heads™.

Removing Hard Flow Heads™

Hold your device firmly in one hand and grip the hard Flow Head with the other. Now twist the head 45° to 90° in a clockwise manner a few times to loosen the contact.

Now that the head is loosened up, gently tug the head free. There will be a small pop as the head comes off, and you’ll be ready to insert a new one.

Removing Soft Flow Heads™

Removing a soft Flow Head™ is done in a similar manner as above. However, care must be taken to only twist and pull the hard ABS plastic body of the head and not the soft foam tip.  Locate the body near the shaft. Whilst holding your device firmly in one hand, grip the body of the Flow Head™ as indicated above. Twist the head 45° to 90° in a clockwise manner a few times to loosen the contact.

Replacing Flow Heads™

Replacing Flow Heads™ couldn’t be simpler: you just need a reverse of the removal process, taking care not to bend or squish the soft heads by holding the hard body of the head as you push and twist.

Additional Information

Flow developed a standardized width of attachments, so if you are replacing your old device, it is likely that your previous heads will fit.

We recommend that you keep the hard heads clean, especially in a clinical environment by using boiling water or anti-bacterial wipes. Soft heads should be replaced approximately every 1-3 months. You can purchase them directly here